Thursday, February 14, 2008


Look, I know my photography skills warrant a camera lesson or two, but I am hoping a few blurry photos are better than none!And, just so you know, I plan on picking up a new camera (and some lessons!) next week.....Stay tuned:

The ever-lovely Shelly in an off-the-shoulder dress by Nightcap
A GORGEOUS top beaded top by Antik Batik
Softest sweatshirt ever by Perfectly Imperfect
Cute bustier by Built by Wendy and fab jeans by Raven


Blogger stephanie said...

I am looking forward to shopping for Spring at Jac.
One thing though, I am a photographer and I would love to give you a quick lesson to shoot great picutres. You store and taste are amazing and your photos should reflect that same sense.
You can visit my photo blog at

2:09 PM  

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