Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now We're Makin' Scents

Just in time for this long awaited brush of warmth, Skeem Pillar Candles have made their way onto our shelves to give you 90 burning hours of scented bliss. These are not your basic ivory candles in a fancy box. All of the candles are made of a custom soy wax and cotton wick to ensure a "clean burn". (Nothing is worse than a soot rimmed candle) The glasses that are used have been beautifully silk screened according to scent. And the best part: You can reuse them as drinking glasses!!! Uh huh!! So no more burning dollars on fancy trash!

I went through the 7 and chose my top three:

White Tea and Thyme is a wonderful crisp blend of tea leaves and thyme with hints of jasmine and lemon. The Arboretum collection features beautiful and intricately-detailed shadow floral artwork that is layered to create a collage of modern botanical imagery.

Amber Clove is a warm scent mixing musk and spice. To weave a lace pattern that is also modern in feeling, flourishes, arabesques, cartouches, scrolls, and ornaments were used.

Sea Spray evokes the crisp, fresh scent of salty sea air captured in the eaves of an old, cedar-clapboard cottage. Just as birds gather bits and pieces to build their nests, a collection of old documents, postcards, and stamps were used to create these collages of sweet, silhouetted bird images.

Stop in a try the others:

Clove Pomegranate

Gardenia Nectar

Ripe Papaya



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