Friday, November 03, 2006

The holidays are coming!
Sorry to spook you all...but the cold air and copious amounts of lovely wrapping papers and holiday cards got me all excited. I guess we do have a bit of time on our hands till they roll around...but here is a premature round-up of great gifts that I have found so far:

For the Homemaker:

These fruit dishes from Yoyo Ceramics are just too cute for words.

Love this butterfly teapot! But sadly, in such an excited state, I forgot to mark down where I found it! Please post below if you can hunt it down....

I have no idea what a tea towel is but if it means that I get to use this adorable one above, sign me up! By Clare Nicolson.....

I have a frighteningly large obsession with owls (and fruit-images you will soon see), but even if you didn't, what person could resist this sake set from Anthropologie?

For the Homebody:

A yummy pillow by Jonathan Adler. I actually have my heart set on the pear pillow but I couldn't post it for some reason...

I am totally in love with these birch vases. You can really use them for anything but I would line them up in different sizes on my (imaginary) mantle.

For the Design Maven:

Saw this in a magazine and have been completely obsessed with owning this book since. I am sure it will be as good as the cover implies...

For the Fashionista:

Wallace Sewell's scarves are delectable with such jewel-toned colors.

Yes, more scarves. But isn't it fun to accessorize?? These are from Prillywear.

For the little ones:

Or for those that just love owls, how cozy is this blanket from Luna Lou?

A note to the wise: For super cute wrapping, try: Whimsy Press. And for those looking for trinkets, head to my fave - ABC Carpet & Home. Happy Shopping!



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