Sunday, December 03, 2006

Riedel me this, Riedel me that!
I say Rie-don't! At the E household we have a problem with retaining wine glasses. We happened to receive double the amount of wine glasses we requested on our registry - in both white and red wine. And it turns out we hate them. Don't get me wrong, they are well crafted glasses that do the wine justice, it's just that we just can't seem to keep them in one piece! I'd say we lose about one a week! That's partly due of course to the fact that we use them several times a week (we are winos!) so maybe that's actually a good percentage?

Needless to say, we have decided to possibly rid ourselves
of the lovely Riedel in favor of some more funky sturdy table wine glasses. Probably stemless. I have been eyeing these two sets at Anthropologie and think it could be fun to mix a bunch of them up on a table.

Even these plain stemless glasses from Crate & Barrel look like a good option. I also really dig these insulated glasses from Bodum, which are probably better for coffee but I have enough mugs!
And how
about these crackled tumblers from Pier One? They could look interesting with a dark red in them - maybe a Rioja?

And lastly, from the ever wonderful Moma Store, (as in the Museum of Modern Art), these patterned glasses could definitely be fun. I am a fan.

Speaking of glasses, today I discovered the perfect container to serve baileys in at our holiday party - or perhaps peppermint schnapps, or even just cocoa - the chocolate cups from Plum Party are fabulous!

That's all for tonight folks....coming up: a fashion section. Stay tuned!

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