Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thursday's Glass Obsessions

And how is it Thursday already???

Let's start it off with this plate wall found in Living Etc. - it's great inspiration! I love that they are all different but all relate. Something new to hunt for at the flea market!

Also newly obsessed with Glassbabies. These votives come in every color under the sun and basically look so good they could be candy. They even have a glassbaby of the month club! YUM.

Water me. Seriously. These glass liters are adorable, and you get four in a set. Napastyle wins me over again, but I have to say, they picked the most nasty colored liquids to fill them. I think they need a new food stylist....

Last but not least, we have these recycled glass vases found at Anthro. Listen, I am all for found objects, but they are charging $38 to $68 for them - and I have to tell you, I have seen ones as cute as these and even better at the flea market. Sorry kids, it's true. But they are cute, so I gave them a shout-out.

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