Sunday, May 18, 2008

I remember when Inman Park used to be known just as the residential neighborhood behind Little Five Points. Speckled with a few shops and restaurants on North Highland but mainly just homes. Over the last five years, it's exploded into it's own urban live, work, and play neighborhood. Bordered by Poncey-Highlands, the Old-Fourth Ward, and Cabbagetown, Inman Park is in the thick of change for these historic areas.

I am proud that Jac. is able to be apart of all the new growth. If you haven't been down here in a while, you should come check it out. Parish, a new Concentrics restaurant, opened across the street. Inman Perk moved from their Elizabeth Street location around the corner on North Highland. Atlanta Scooters took the coffee shop's Elizabeth Street location. The HighlandCigar Bar is two doors down from Jac. Every week it seems like there is some new restaurant, shop, spa, flower shop, etc etc opening up all around us. There's too many new faces on the block to mention!

It's an exciting time for Inman Park, and a great time for Atlanta. We now have so many options for us in-towners who like supporting independently run, unique restaurants, services, and stores. I say kudos to Atlantans for supporting our neighborhood businesses allowing intown vibrant growth while keeping the landscape local and independent. Come check it out!



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