Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peachy Keen

This just in: Jac. is featured in this month's Atlanta Peach magazine!

The cover has a picture of Julianne Hough, who apparently, is famous. I honestly had no idea who she was until I read the article. No disrespect to Julianne (who came off as a genuine, salt of the earth kinda' gal in the piece), but I chose to put a picture of Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) in this post because he too is featured in the issue, and let's face it, is much, much cooler than Julianne Hough. And I'm not being subjective here.

If you haven't picked up your Peach, here are the highlights:

- Jac. is noted as "rapidly becoming the go-to spot for the casual chic in-town set."
- There's a great pix of Jaci (also much cooler than Julianne Hough, who by the way, seems like a really nice person).
- Albie, my favorite dog in the world, gets some ink. He comes off very favorably. The press is officially in love with him.

And there's so much more- it really wouldn't be fair for me to give it all away. Go out and get yourself a copy!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

j -- can you post a link or scan the article? I'd love to read it! xoxo.. . your palm beach sista

3:39 PM  

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