Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jac's Baby Love!

tIf you didn't already know (where have you been???) we carry some of the most AH-mazing baby clothes and gifts. Here are a few of the most recent receivers sporting their Jac wares:
Above: Julian in Kit+Lili
Below: Julian in Smafolk

Zoe with her Zebra Crossing Club Cow Backpack

Lil' Andrew in a Birdlette onesie and matching Goody Goody shoes! Pick up a pair here. And shop for a cutie-patootie onesie here.
Have a picture of you or someone you know with/in something from Jac? Send it to info@dearjac.com and we'll make you famous on here too!

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Anonymous Evy said...

Adorable babies in adorable outfits! Really love the turtle onesie with the turtle shoes and that super-adorable baby inside! (Hey, a Grandma is allowed to be partial, no?)


10:36 AM  

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