Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Good Jeans Happen To Good People

It's hard for grown up men to find a pair of good, honest jeans.

Jeans that can be worn out.
Jeans that can be worn to work (for those "modern business casual types").
Jeans that aren't studded with some sort've facackta bedazzler pattern.
Jeans that don't feature gaudy ass-pocket stitchings.
Jeans that fit.
Jeans that don't cost more than a suit.

Recently, boss lady brought home a pair of perfect jeans for me- Kasil's new Davidson Straightlegs. They're in a "gunsmoke" wash, which make me look much, much cooler than I really am.
The jeans make me happy. They'll make you happy. Click here to take a good look at them.

And don't forget to tell your favorite fellas that Jac's men's department is chock full of good stuff...

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