Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hood Happenings....

Just had to share - so much going on in Inman Park!
  • Just down the street in the old Grape space, construction going on for the newest location of Pure Taqueria (hollah!)
  • Around the corner on Elizabeth Street the large empty shell of new construction is finally being filled with a deli/market ala Whole Foods/Fresh Market called Savvy Urban Market (double hollah!)
  • Just across the street on Elizabeth next to the fabulous new waxing studio, Wax, there's paper on the windows - more things to come in! We'll do some reconnaissance on that and get back to you.....
  • Just noticed a sign for "Authentique" next to our favorite flower shop, Adaptation...not sure what it is going to be but excited for all these new neighbors!

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