Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mon amore liste...

Creating lists are a fun and productive part of life. Every single day people make lists whether its a to do list, grocery list, or simply a list of wishes. This year, or right now rather, I am making a list of love! One might ask, "What is a list of love?". To be honest, I thought it sounded fancy! But don't let the cheesiness discourage you! A Mon amore liste is simply a wish list... so here is mine!

1. These FRYE boots are made for walkin'...

2. Checkered Lumber-Jill Dress

3. Nine to Five Dress...anyone's excuse to go to work

4. A yummy silk scarf

5. Holiday Aaron Ashe... makes me want to celebrate!

6. Everything is better when done retro

7. Grinch Green Wooden Ships Sweater.


9. Fragrance + Solid = GENIUS

10. Tailored Dear Creatures Prairie Doll Blouse

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