Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jac. Presidential Fashion Primer: John McCain

Now that we're almost at the finish line of what seems like an endless Presidential election cycle, it's time for our blog to weigh in on the candidates. While we have no intention of providing our coveted endorsement (you'll have to come into the store for that), we thought that we'd provide a little bit of commentary on both candidates, as well as their running mates. Starting with John McCain, we're going to offer three items that we carry at Jac. that we think each candidate would benefit from.

Relwen Commando Cargo Pants
My friends, not only would these cargo pants flatter Johnny Mac's somewhat squat silhouette, but they'd also help reinforce his public service/military credentials. The large pockets would give him ample space to store the red pen that he promises to use when reviewing pork-laden legislation, and he could hitch the hatchet he plans on using on the federal budget to the rugged belt loops. As a bonus, these pants were seen recently on the character Vincent Chase in HBO's Entourage. Talk about crossing across party lines to reach out to the Hollywood Elite!

J. Fold Leather Brief Bag

The J. Fold leather brief bag works on two levels for McCain. For starters, the contemporary (dare we say modern) design will give the Senator from Arizona a younger look, which may help him counter some of the inevitable ageism that he'll encounter in the voting booths. The idea that he may be carrying a laptop inside will also help him convince voters that he knows how to use the world wide webs, the email and the facebook.

Kasil Cohen Bootcut Jeans

Nothing makes a candidate look more like "one of us", than a good pair of jeans. I mean, have you ever seen George Bush clearing brush in a pair of chinos? Of course not. So for Maverick McMaverick, we recommend Kasil's Cohen boot cut jeans, in either the Triumph Baltic or Triumph Atlantic wash. He's probably never tried on boot cut jeans (he seems like more of a straight-leg kinda' fella'), and I think he'll really like how the Kasil's fit him.

My friends, be on the look out for our next Presidential Fashion Primer, when we'll offer suggestions for Joe "not the plumber" Biden. Get excited!

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