Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Word Of Wisdom To The Fellas

Dear Readers,
If you're a dude, read on. If you're a gal, cut, paste, and send along to your dude. Thanks!

To My Fellow Man,
I know that you're not crazy about Valentine's Day. I know that you think it's a made up holiday. But guess what? You still have to step up. The fact that you're not into it does not mean that she's not into it.

The good news is that I'm here to help. I've got some vital words of wisdom that can help get you through this holiday looking like a champ. And the best part is, you can do it all right in Inman Park.

Step One: Get Your Gift At Jac.
Valentine's Day isn't special without that beautiful, butcher paper wrapped present from Jac. Preview our jewelry selection here, so you can get an idea of what to buy her before you come in. We've got all of her favorites- just ask Jac, and she'll help you find a winner.

Step Two: Get Your Flowers At Adaptation
The coolest flower shop in town. Stop by for a totally unique arrangement, unlike the bla-bla bunch of roses that everyone else is pushing. Seriously, this is a great opportunity to support a fantastic, independently owned business. In years past I've seen a huge line of guys waiting to buy flowers outside of Whole Foods on Ponce... so if you've been on that line before, step it up and think outside the box. You'll be happy that you did. Click here for more.

Step Three: Get Your Chocolate At Cacao
Complete your Valentine's Day holy trinity at Cacao, Inman Park's new little jewel of a chocolate shop. You'll have her saying "You had me at hello..." before you even say hello (with a box of their scintillating truffles). Click here for more.

Step Four: Buy her a house.
Sandwiched in between Jac, Adaptation and Cacao is my office at Sanctuary Real Estate. You've been thinking about buying her a house for a while... isn't it time you pulled the trigger? Click here to check out my site, or here to read my lovely blog.

Whether you buy her the house, the chocolate, the flowers or the jewelry, make sure you have yourself a sweet time with your sweetie. I know I will. With my sweetie, that is.

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