Friday, September 18, 2009

Branched Out

The rainy week has gotten me in full on Autumn mode!!!
And coming into the store to find newbies has not deterred that in the least bit.
Twg is here!!
Yup Yup!! That means ample cashmere goodies to come and
cozy on up to (said with southern twang)

There's no getting out of this one!! I know I say it about everything, but
This is a closet necessity!!
Firstly, it is a wrap dress: great for instantly pull you and your look together.
(wrap-dresses drop those 5 pounds you gained from ordering dessert all last week)
With the added ruffles, this dress has just enough fem-n-flirt that your looking for and
all the comfort that will carry you through the work day!!

Looks like your basic black cardigan huh?
***Warning: Dissected Cardigan Ahead***
1) It's 100% Cashmere (and so are the buttons)
2) has exposed zipper sleeves that are flanked by tight ruffles
3) double breasted for extra snug!! Yum
4) asymmetrical lapel that flows down the bodice

You've probably seen this one thousand times over
in every magazine, but Eggplant, Violet, Plum (and all those other fancy names for purple)
are the token colors for the season.
So thank you Twg for keeping us trendy and warm with This
tres chic pullover sweater.
The layered rippling of cashmere going down one side of sweater
replaces the " Carrie" flower of last spring (and every spring since the show aired)


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