Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let Me Warn You

This may sound like an advertisement for Anthropologie, but I assure you, it's not.
But I happened to walk in there today and wanted EVERYTHING. Everything. Seriously. It was hard not to grab a whole stack of cute brightly colored tops and dresses and rush to the dressing room. And it was hard not to linger in the home accessorie department fantasizing about each piece and its place in my new home. But instead, I would pick up an item, carry it around with me, do a lap around the store, and then put it back. Sometimes this gets it out of my system - but today, it did not. So I came back home and went online so I could share with you everything that I fell in love with, and well, also to linger on them a bit more. But to my surprise, not much is on their website. So I encourage you all to go to the store and take it all in firsthand. Anthropologie really gets it. I applaud them. Their displays are irresistable, their selection of clothing - incomparable. I hope that Jac. may someday apply some section of my knowledge from being a long-time (compulsive) shopper to the intown-non-mall-shopping customer.
Anyway, here are just a few of my picks:What a stunner. This caught my eye right when I walked in. There is blue scalloped trim at the bottom and the empire top is ruched.Silky. Sweet. And great with a pair of jeans.I doubt I could pull this soft, supple bubble dress off - but I wish I could - too much bootie in the pants!The perfect floppy summer shoes.



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