Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jammin' Down Memory Lane

I know nothing about women's bathing suits, other than that they come in two options: one piece, and two piece. I am, after all, the Resident Male. Did you really expect more from me?

Thankfully, I do know something about men's bathing suits. It all begins and ends with Jams.
I used to love Jams. They represented a stark rebuttal to the previous king of the beach, the vaunted Speedo. I received my first pair of Jams somewhere around the time that the Berlin Wall went down, and even then I realized the cultural significance (for both the World as well as my own self-image).

Jams, in all their glory:

Unfortunately, all of my Jams have been retired. Besides the fact that it would be a little strange to wear the same bathing suit that I did when I was thirteen, the Jams all faded, broke down, finally just gave up. If only I had known about The Laundress' Swimwear Care...

This stuff is incredible- it was designed specifically to deal with the unholy trinity of salt, sand and chlorine. Don't let your favorite suit suffer the same fate as my Jams. Come by Jac. and pick up some Swimwear Care. Think of it as Proactiv for your bathing suit.

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