Friday, August 15, 2008


Hello Everyone!! I'm Sia, the latest addition to Jac. I'm uber excited to be here and I'll tell you why. There's so much to love about the store. Let's start with the wonderful display fixtures and props. Can we say all the things you want in your home?! If you love trinkets and nic-nacs you have to come in. There is too much to name, just trust me. Then there's the clothing. Jac offers something for everyone, no matter your style, or gender. We just received the most delicious cashmere tops. My fav is this charming piece by Demylee. It's a delicate black sweater with the most wonderful gold ball buttons. The buttons descend from the neckline, which is set slightly to the right, down to the center of the garment. The sweater is even more delightful when tried on. Its a must have for the fall/winter season. Oh yeah, lets not forget about the babies. We have everything top to bottom for the little one's including: clothing, blankets, diaper bags, and snack sets. Lastly, if you're looking for new accessories that are exclusive you have to come in and check out the jewelry. It's a must! I'm just gonna tease you with this: cashmere & wool bangles by Yarborough. Who knew?! They come in an array of sizes and great colors. Now you know why I love Jac. Come and see for yourself.


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