Sunday, September 28, 2008

Incense: Not Just For Dirty, Stinkin' Hippies Anymore

Hippies (and their modern stepchild, the Trustafarian), have long claimed incense as their unofficial smell track. Along with overwrought jam-band guitar solos, tapestries, parking lot veggie burritos and free love, incense is considered a delicacy to many of the hippy persuasion. Of course, incense has a much more meaningful history- which you can read about here- but I think you catch my drift. Incense was definitely not being burned at the viewing party for the Alabama-Georgia game last night.
In addition to our beloved collection of men's and women's clothing, gifts, accessories, shoes, baby stuff, jewelry and apothecary, Jac. is also stoked (that's the incense talking) to be carrying Paine's, the most serenely scented incense we've ever had the pleasure of smelling.
Paine's is the greatest thing to come out of Maine since lobster and Judd Nelson- stop by the shop and smell for yourself!

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