Sunday, October 19, 2008

(Vice) Presidential Fashion Primer- Joe Biden

Part two of our Presidential Fashion Primer takes us from one old(er), crotchety bald(ing) guy that's been in Washington for thirty years (without changing much of anything) to another old(er), crotchety bald(ing) guy that's been in Washington for thirty years (without changing much of anything). My friends, John McCain, my friends, meet Joe Biden, my friends.

Joe Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972. His "thing" is that he's an ordinary guy. He just happens to be a Senator. So the challenge for us today is to figure out how to help Joe support his message with three, count 'em, three items from Jac.

Here goes:

Billykirk Steamer Bag

Billykirk's Steamer Bag is the perfect tote for Joe to appeal to all the other Joes out there. It's large enough to fit a six pack (Six Pack Joe), some pipe couplings (Joe the Plumber) and a Nascar Hat (Nascar Joe). The leather straps not only provide a little old school elegance, but they'll also let voters know that Joe isn't afraid of the extra work that they'll require (unlike other candidates, he'll say, who'd rather take the lazy way out by using bags with velcro or magnetic closures).

Built By Wendy Grey Flannel Shirt

Joe loves reminding us that he's from Scranton, and nothing says blue-collar Pennsylvania more than plaid flannel. We know how well Lamar Alexander played the plaid back in the '96 GOP Primary, and I think Joe would really benefit from tossing the Brioni aside for one of my favorites, Built By Wendy. The great thing about this shirt is that while it's in the mold of the traditional flannel, it's got some great modern detailing that really sets it apart.

"The Balm"-Ritual's Post Shave Gel

If it's getting chilly here in Atlanta, I can't imagine how it feels out on the stump in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Factor in the fact that he probably needs to shave every morning, and poor Joe's face must be taking a beating! While he comes off as an Aqua Velva Man, I think Joe would love Ritual's "The Balm". It's full of aloe and lidocaine, meaning that Joe can focus on winning the election, not on an irritated punim.
Two down, two to go. Stay tuned for our next installment, where we'll make the Governor of Alaska look cooler than an Anchorage winter.
We'll try, at least.



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