Wednesday, October 22, 2008

(Vice) Presidential Fashion Primer- Sarah Palin

While writing this post, I gained a new sense of appreciation for the editors responsible for the infamous "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline:
Here I am, a humble haberdasher (not unlike Truman) with an even humbler blog, and right as I'm about to publish a masterpiece on Sarah Palin and fashion, this article comes out. $150,000 for clothing, spent primarily at Saks and Neiman Marcus.

After I got over my initial disappointment (it's hard to believe that what you once thought was Jaclyn Smith Collection blazer from K-Mart is really a $3,500 masterpiece from Valentino), I decided to pull myself up by the snow mobile bootstraps and just get back to the task at hand. So here goes.

Publicka Boat Neck Kimono Dress

The Governor could really shake Washington up in Publicka's Boat Neck Kimono Dress. It's a fantastic dress that Washington -and it's ugly, ugly cousin "the liberal elite media"- would simply have no answer for. Can you see Nancy Pelosi wearing this? How about Andrea Mitchell? And as an added bonus, Publicka is a Korean company. Foreign Policy experience bonus!

F-Troupe Pebbled Leather High-Heel Boots

I can't think of a better pair of boots for a stroll on the "Bridge to Nowhere" than these leather lovelies from F-Troupe, an upstart British shoemaker (more foreign policy experience, by the way). They're sublimely soft, and as you can see from the picture, more than just a little haute-Wasilla. They're priced nice as well, so Sarah wouldn't have to worry about taxpayers complaining about wasteful spending. Not that the Valentino blazer in question wasn't worth every penny.

Roost Shark Bottle Opener

This teak bottle opener is truly a must buy for The Palinator. For one, it's a shark. Sharks swim in water. Alaska is bordered by water. Russia borders the same water that Alaska borders.

Political gold!
Also, it's a shark. Sharks, like moose, are not human. Palin hunts moose. I think you know where I'm going with this one. And for an added bonus, when the Governor gets to Washington and cuts Joe Six Pack's taxes, he'll be able to afford fancy bottled beer. He'll need a fancy bottle opener. This bottle opener has the potential to flip Ohio and Florida over to the Palin-McCain ticket.
Three down, one to go. Stay tuned for our Obama Fashion Primer, where we'll wrap up our hard hitting expose on Presidential fashion do's and shoes.



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