Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wrap It Up!

By now you may have a good handle on your holiday gifts (like these by Circa Ceramics), or you may not (so head to Jac!), but either way, you should stop and think about your wrapping. You don't want to let presents get lost among the snowflake wrap clutter!! So, why don't you BUNDLE or BAGGU them?!
Bundle Bags, Jac's newest installment of eco-friendly recyclable carryalls, ingeniously conform to any present they contain! Based upon a traditional Japanese design, they are perfect for gift wrapping a Roost Menagerie Bottle Opener or even a bottle of wine, as well as a gorgeous alternative with options of silks and floral cottons. Here is a demo:

Another equally fantastic, but non-traditional wrapping option, is your trusty Baggu, which we have always encouraged customers to use for grocery shopping and can be found
here. Well, you can also use one of them pretties to wrap your yummy Mor lotion and any other items and gifts. Here is their demo:

Happy Wrapping! XOXOJac.

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