Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Closet Shopping

These days all of us are treasure hunting in our closets - but isn't it great to just add a fab new accessory to modernize your outfit?

The other day the lovely Anna rolled into the shop in a blazer. It was a simple outfit - blazer, gray V-neck, skinny jeans and flats. I was inspired.
Towards the back of my closet in a nook and cranny I have kept my somewhat amassed collection of blazers - despite the fact that I haven't worn one in over 4 years. But I knew that one day I would want to desperately wear one.
Today is that day!
Yay for rediscovering my Theory blue pinstripe blazer. I paired it with one of our LA Made tops, James skinny jeans, sandals and an amazing scarf necklace by Victorian Hippie.

Happy Hunting! XOXOJac.

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