Monday, July 13, 2009

All Scream for ICE CREAM!

My favorite real estate agent has been diligently working away on an Inman Park Dine-Out to happen later this month (stay tuned for details). Lucky for me, local Inman Park star Jake's Ice Cream has decided to participate by launching the Inman Park Ice Cream Flavor contest.

To enter, review the current flavor list on the website to assure that there are no duplications of existing flavors. Then, with your favorite natural ingredients in mind and including things that best reflect the beauty, the spirit and the character of Inman Park, name and invent a flavor! The winning flavor will make its debut at City Council Chambers on the 20th of July, when Atlanta City Council get to come in and make the new batch with Jake. The flavor will also be an ongoing feature of the Irwin Street Market store. And doubly lovely, fifty cents of every scoop, pint and quart goes to the Inman Park Security Patrol.
Hmmmmmm....I am off to dream up the most delicious scoop ever!!!

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