Friday, June 12, 2009

A Model Citizen

You may recognize model Liya Kebede from strutting on runways in Paris and New York, but now she is doing a little role reversal and taking on the title of designer. Her new lines Matta and Lemlem bring a refreshingly authentic appeal to chic ethnic apparel. New to the Jac-front are scarves from her Lemlem line (translation: to bloom). These hand wovened pieces are made of a gauzy natural cotton and are THEEE perfect accessory for the dog days of Summer. Especially in Atlanta, where style and heat are arch-enemies!
Unlike many of the scarves carried during prior seasons, these scarves are truely effortlessly chic and light weight.Plus proceeds go back to aid the weavers that produce these beauties back in her native country, Ethiopia

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Anonymous DeliciousE said...

Those look suspiciously like the talit I gave Jon for his Bar Mitzvah.

Love 'em.

3:55 PM  

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