Saturday, May 30, 2009

Full Disclosure

I am a HUGE Archie comics fan, and I have been since I was about 8 years old. I spent all my allowance at the comic shops (do those even exist these days??), treasured every copy sent to me at camp (thank you Mom) and saved every issue in perfect condition and proudly displayed them on my bookshelf.
But alas, these days my only Archie interaction is a quick reading on the sly at the grocery check-out.
So imagine my indelible surprise to read in this article that our favorite red-headed freckle face is about to propose to one of his long-time lovelies.
Shocking news!!!
Which one will it be?? Well, let's be honest folks, in today's economy the good "guy" always wins. My money's on Betty. I am envisioning her wearing this gorgeous dress by Built by Wendy when he pops the question:
But it's a long time since I've caught up the trials and tribulations on Mr. Andrews. Perhaps these hard economic times have hit our hero as well? If so, marrying the wealthy Veronica would be a quick fix....Though a bit abrasive, she does have some serious fashion sense. I picture her in this number by Laeken:
Who will it be???? The suspense is pretty intense folks. I guess we'll all have to wait till August though. The big event takes place in issue no.600 due out then...

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Blogger Jon said...

What was the deal with the Midge, Jughead and Moose love triangle?

12:52 PM  
Blogger Maegan said...

oh that little ruffle dress is so cute! ...if only I were 10 years younger!

4:22 PM  

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