Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lovely Surprises.
Last night was full of 'em.
Off we went last night to sample some fab new cocktails at Ecco - an incredible little eatery in Midtown. We were provided with delish meats and cheeses and indulged in a "Meat & Potatoes" Vodka drink complete with Gerkin pickle and Salami for garnish. YUM. That was promptly followed up by a fruity Bourbon number and "Long Live the Queen" - an award winning cocktail using peach bitters and elderflower syrup. Double yum.
It would be wise to say we were feeling pretty good last night.
Who would have thought we could be feeling any better?
Oh, but we did!
We finally got to meet fabulous style icons Lauren & Catherine - the famous AsianCajuns! Despite how cool and sweet we thought they might be, we were doubly impressed in person. It was a pleasure to finally meet them and thank them for all of their support. We also got to meet food blogger Lindsay and her fiánce and discussed all of Atlanta's hidden gems.
Definitely a great night! And cannot wait to go back to Ecco.

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