Saturday, June 06, 2009

magnified moments

This Folklore, Valerie Pensworth

Valerie Pensworth is one of my favorite artists and also one of my dearest friends. She recently moved to Portland, and lucky for us, is now focusing on art full-time.
Personally, her art strikes me both aesthetically and conceptually. Valerie aims to represent the connections between childhood and adulthood, conveying precise moments as magical or awkward, which she finds both "intriguing and delicate."

Her colors are at once muted and vibrant, the humans depicted both distorted and life-like. I am extremely drawn to these successful contradictions, and I proudly display them on my walls!

Here are some of my favorite works...

Valley of Daydreams, Valerie Pensworth

Collective Collection, Valerie Pensworth

Reluctant Trade, Valerie Pensworth
(note: I own this and I love it and you can own it too because she made prints!)

Look at amazing art:
Buy amazing art : Valerie's Etsy

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