Monday, December 18, 2006

Flipping around the other day - I don't even know where - I came across this image of Chloe Sevigny's home in the east village and I was totally inspired! I love love love the wallpaper of course, the wooden floor, the bycicle - really the whole look. And because I am really in no place to redecorate our current home, I figured I would just "shop" online and vicariously feel as though I am decorating....

Let's start with these delicious sheets from CB2, Crate and Barrel's online younger, cheaper sister. They are always a good standby to check out. I love love love the pattern and colors.

I guess these sheets instigated a ferocious search of others - and I have found these gorgeous orange-Indian print sheets from Anthropologie. Every time I see them in their catalog I get giddy. Is that okay?

Now I may not have mentioned this before,
but we have a fabulous four-poster canopy bed which literally is an island to itself and is completely a haven. Though we have no hanging fabric from the top (I feel somehow it will get very dusty and gross?) I am strongly considering this bed tent from Urban Outfitters. It sort of meshes well with our whole Morroccan black and white themed bedroom. Very chic.

Anyway, moving away from the bedroom and towards the living room....well, I have always admired this fabulous Jonathan Adler couch. Unfortunately for me however, it has always been from afar. Still love it though. If I can keep my bedroom Morroccan chic, I want to have my living room Palm Beach glamour circa 1950....That would work, right?

In keeping with this glamour theme - I am loving this side table from Anthropologie. I guess one would simply use it as a display case? Possibly even a bar? A work desk perhaps keeping it clean and white on the inside? Oh, but I love the shinyness and color so. What a winner.

And to complete the look, how about this wonderful wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper aptly named Fishnet Licorice. Oh yes, this works!

Now for the sitting room in our landing upstairs, I see a more playful approach. Blues and greens
maybe. We can start with this pillow from West Elm and work around it.

I would definitely include this giraffe lamp from Jonathan Adler - which I have eyed for many a month.

And from there, I think I would purchase a daybed and cover it in these playful birdcage sheets from Urban
Outfitters. Another set I have spyed for awhile.

Well, I think that will have to do it for now. I pretty much could go on all day. Anyone looking for a decorator? I work for cheap!
I hope to do a second home redecorating post at some point where I cover the kitchen and stick around!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

your color selection is great for decorate sweet home , pillow and courten color and design is great.

12:50 AM  

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