Thursday, March 15, 2007


I love our new kitchen. We have a wall of windows. We have a chalkboard. We have pot racks. We have lots of plants. We have great black tile. All in all, we love it! But it's always good to consult other designers (or up and coming ones, B!), magazines and books. Here are just three other kitchens that I think are really inspiring:From Fearon Hay Architects - of course I love the whole chalkboard wall, but I think it super how they put the flat screen on it! Also - black walls: They show extreme confidence, and often glamour. I just think using them in a kitchen is brilliant and beautiful.On a total opposite note, this white kitchen (from Domino Magazine) is warmed up with this gorgeous extra-large fireplace. AH-mazing! (that's for you guys - J & RC!) Also, I am a big fan of the glass cannister collection lining the shelves - it adds a simple, modern twist to the space.Okay, so it's just a corner of a kitchen (found in Real Living), but I just love the use of the Train sign - or whatever it is. I think every room needs to have a surprise element. Yesterday I found a picture of a living room with a Juicy Fruit ad painted on the whole wall. Very cool. Maybe we can paint a bag of oreos up on my bedroom ceiling!



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