Tuesday, April 07, 2009

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Yesterday I broke my 15 month hiatus of not going to a theater. It was time I felt, though On Demand had been filling in quite nicely (most recently, Nick & Nora's Playlist (ugh) and The Wackness (weird) - all very teen angsty). And so I went to a matinee showing of Adventureland.
Adventureland is set in 1987 - and features some of the great trends and music from that very distinctive era....and of course we all know how trends cycle back through....the good ones at least - some of which we have here at Jac!
Like this jean skirt by James Jeans
Paired with leg warmers - totally 80s. But paired with these sandals from Matta, totally classic!
And what's more 80s than super bright colorful jewelry?? These Fleather earrings totally make the cut, but are rockstar fabulous as well!

And how about your favorite Kiss concert tee? Totally 80s! But on your cute little kid? Totally hipster:
It's all how you spin it people.....xoxoJac.

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