Sunday, April 20, 2008

BBQ Fashion Show

The annual BBQ Season bellwethers are here: endless Food Network BBQ specials starring Al Roker and Bobby Flay, the first round of BBQ Evites, and of course, the unmistakable Green Egg/Weber smoke plumes billowing throughout our favorite neighborhoods (for the record, here and here). While I'll leave it to others to debate what real 'cue consists of, I'll do my best to pair outfits with bbqs. Full disclosure: as the Resident Male, my picks may not be perfect- you may just have to come down to Jac. to make selections of your own...

The Backyard BBQ
You've got your favorite folks and your favorite smoked chicken. The greatest ode to Summertime is playing in the background (thank you DJ Jazzy Jeff) What're you going to wear?
Methinks it's time for you to check out this killer combo- the blue dress is by Eurythmic ($128), the vest by James Jeans ($148).

The Fancy Corks 'n Cue
Fancy BBQ and champagne seems to be making its mark these days. Everybody's dressing their pork loin in juniper berry, their skirt steak in some sort of hoisin-mirin-shiso-chili glaze. The next time your favorite gourmand is poppin' some cris and heating up the Weber, you need to throw on your finest white flip flops and dress things up in this fabulous frock by Sarah Luna ($344). This dress is practically demanding that you at least come try her on.

The Neighborhood Grill-off
Hansel and Derrick had their walk-off, but even that wasn't as competitive as some of the grillers I know. I mean, nothing wrong with having pride in what you grill, but do you ever get the feeling that hard core grillers are a little, I don't know, intense? Throw another shrimp on their barbie with this red, hot and cooooool Deborah Sweeney dress ($150). It'll turn heads and hopefully rescue the conversation from the gas/charcoal debate that no one else is really interested in.

So there you have it, a guy giving gals advice on what to wear to a bbq. Bet that's a first. Let me know what you think- and what other random women's fashion topics you'd like to hear a dude ramble on about. Email us or leave some feedback in our comments section.

Still not sure what to do? Keep the grill covered, come get the pink Sarah Luna dress, and head over to Fox Bros. on Dekalb Avenue.



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This resident male has some good taste and great chatter.Blog on!

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