Friday, April 11, 2008

Domo Arigato, Mr. Shinzi Katoh. Domo!

If I'd realized that blogging meant that I could title a post playing off of a classic Styx song, I would've started blogging long ago. By now, I would be on to posts with titles referencing REO Speedwagon ("I Can't Fight This Feeling For Skinny Jeans Anymore"), or maybe even Loverboy ("Everybody's Working For The Weekender Bags"). But alas, I didn't realize that the medium offered such flexibility, so here I am marrying Styx's best known work with the incomprable Shinzi Katoh.
Shinzi Katoh is the world's preeminent Zakka designer. Translated from Japanese, Zakka means "the things that make people happy and exist like a comfortable air". Translated from where I sit, it means "optimistic, forward thinking design that makes the world a better place." Jac.'s full of great Shinzi Katoh products- here are some of my favorites:

Start your day with this sunflower strewn Shampoo Bottle ($18.50):

Break away from the "paper or plastic" paradigm and show some style with one of Shinzi's Canvas Totes ($28):
Make your kitchen happy with this set of "Forest of Mushrooms" glass bowls ($66):

- Jac.'s Resident Male



Blogger Dana said...

I just love this resident male's blogs!

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