Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Public Service Announcement For Your Basketball Crazed Man

Jac.’s resident male here, ready to dispense some very important advice for you to pass on to your favorite guy. You’re welcome to read this, or just cut and paste and send to your aspiring bracketologist (he’ll know what I'm talking about):

Dude, you’ve been watching college basketball almost non-stop for the last three weeks. It’s called March Madness, but March is over and you still plan on watching all next weekend. You’re driving your lady friend crazy, and it’s time to show the love. Here are my suggestions- with correlating quotes that might sound somewhat familiar:

Because you said: “Babe, it’s only once a year. It’s important to me.”

She deserves: Flowers.

Really pretty flowers. I’m not talking about a handful of carnations, either. You need to see our friends at Adaptation Floral Design and have them whip up one of their ridiculously awesome creations. There’s no better “point scorer” than a beautiful arrangement given on any day that does not coincide with a birthday/anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

Because you said: “Can’t we just watch the second half? It’s Duke, and they’re losing…”

She deserves: A Jac. Gift Certificate

Nothing says "I love you more than anything in the world" than a big 'ole Jac. Gift Certificate. You’ve tried taking the creative gift giving route in the past, and look where it got you. With the Jac. Gift Certificate, your galpal can pick whatever she wants, like the above Valhalla Bag. You’ll look smoother than Rick Pitino with a fresh coat of gel, even if your Final Four picks didn’t pan out they way you had hoped they would.
Because you said: “I watch those lousy Sex and the City reruns all the time. Why don’t you watch in the kitchen?”

She deserves: Jewelry

Toki Jewelry to be exact. These one-of-a-kind creations are beauties, and I’ve yet to meet anyone that didn’t fall in love with them at first sight. Trust me on this one fellas, I may be near the bottom in my basketball pool, but I know jewelry. Show up with a little brown Jac. bag with a pair of Toki earrings inside and it'll be like Selection Sunday all over.

So that’s it guys. Don’t be mad at me for asking your lady to forward on this little instruction manual. I know you think I’m a traitor now, but you’ll thank me when the Final Four has come and gone...

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Anonymous lindsay said...

well done jonathan! you can send me flowers anytime. ;-)

12:55 AM  

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