Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top Notch

So, you are seeing all these lovely Spring things out in stores. And you want to succumb to the cute bright colors and purchase something but its 11 degrees outside. What to do? Quite a connundrum!
Here are a few I am contemplating, that I think with a little effort, can be worked into my now layered look.....
Like this jean top by TopShop. It could be a winner here folks. I think it would look very smart with a waffle shirt under.I hear you, you want something dressier. Okay, how about this Lacey Parker number at Intermix? This will definitely take you from day to night. Just pair it with a pair of tweedy black pants and you got yourself an outfit.Okay, I get it. You can't live without the delicious sorbet colored item calling to you in the store. Please at least pick something you'll still love when it comes time to wear it in three months. You can't go wrong with a sunny top like this one by Lauren Moffatt. And please, resist the urge to wear it out within a week of purchase or you'll look like all the rest of the girls wearing their new spring tops under their puffy coats!



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