Monday, January 15, 2007


Track jacket by American Apparel - $44

Cheap thrills everybody. That's what this posting is about. I just love great clothes that are inexpensive. I mean, who doesn't? I love the yellow jacket above, and just American Apparel in general. It's a great go-to. I have totally been coverting this American Apparel velore sweatshirt in every color. $38. I also really like the zippy version. $46.

Another great stand-by - Delias. Sometimes young seeming, I know - but you can find great cheap classics. Like these black patten slingback flats with rubber bottoms. $34.

Or, if you are willing to be a bit funky, you can find these kinds of items this great eyelit tunic. $29.50.

Of course, you all know how I already feel about Target's shoes and clothing. But I have never really discussed their furniture and home accessories sections. It's amazing. And this is the best time to go. Every year the store launches it's Global Bazaar collection for a few months where they have fabulous housewares and furniture with global influence. You got to go early though. Things fly out of there fast. I am currently enamored with this elephant stool. $79.99. It would look super fly in our living room along with this classic leather chair. $169.99. Get there. Now.



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