Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I recently discovered the Flickr Group - Rooms I *Heart* and I am completely obsessed. Basically people send in pictures of their own rooms or of rooms they see in magazines (mostly the same ones I obsess over like marie claire maison, (which I buy just to look at the pictures because I can't read French!), so I was psyched to see them online and be able to bring them to you!). Anyway, it's all very exciting. So what I have done is pasted a few of my favorites below, and then found a product that any normal plebeian (aka, you or I) could buy that would reflect each room's design/aura.
Let's begin!

If you like the Pinkie room pictured above and wanted to duplicate the effect, you could start with this pillow by Plush Living, found at 2Modern.

Get how this works? Great! Let's move on.

Here we have the Hunting room which I love, love, love. To recreate this effect, I would start with this antler lamp by West Elm.Then I would incoporate a great couch - like this one from Ochre. And on top of that, add a fun fab mix of pillows - like these from Calypso Home. Of course, I'd finish it off with a great geometric wallpaper - maybe this vintage lavender one from Second Hand Rose.

Speaking of wallpaper, the Bird Room, is all about wallpaper. You'd have to dig something cool and birdy like that up and then add in the perfect canopy bed frame. This version by Anthropologie matches pretty well.
Next I would slap on some nature-eque pillows like this pillow by Judy Ross, also at 2Modern.
And lastly, I would mark either side of the bed with these teal lamps by Pier One.

Let's move on to the Grand Room. I think the key here is to keep it animalistic, yet airy. You would need a great daybed. I have really had my eye on this one to the left. But I am sorry guys, I forgot where I found it!
Anyway, I would then proceed to include fun pieces featuring my animal of choice. Love this elephant coffee table, but I forgot where I found it as well. Forgive me! Sometimes I get ahead of myself - I just get so excited I forget to document it all!
Anyway, you could even mix and match animals, making it sort of menagerie....Just don't go too overboard - you don't want to spook anyone! Just add a few light touches. Maybe this Zebra rug by West Elm?

Okay, moving the Dining Room. Of course I love the chandelier. So I would hands down begin with this amazing chandelier from Anthropologie. I love it! Then you would find a basic round white table and then surround it with a smattering of great black chairs. Some from CB2. Some from West Elm. Some from Design Within Reach. Some from Design Public.
And finally, I would top it all off with a cool plant in the center of the table. I do love this mushroom bonsai from Anthropologie....

Phew. That was a lot of uploading! Hope you enjoyed....I sure did! I just vicariously re-decorated my whole house...feels oh-so-good....



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