Thursday, January 04, 2007

So, I am sure all of you are aware of all the sales going on right now. Through the giant mass of sale emails in my inbox, I came upon a promising one from Urban Outfitters. "Sure, why not?" I figured. But of course, it's pretty much just leftovers. Yucky, too big or too small leftovers. That is, until I spotted these beauties: gray leather and suede boots by Dolce Vita - one of my favorite shoe brands. Always well made, leathers from Italy I think. And just all around delicious.
Well, of course I took myself straight to Urban Outfitters at Lenox today to try them on, and just bask in their glory. And lo and behold, No dolce. No vita. and No glory. Very sad
folks.....And then I took a stroll around the store - Urban has been known to hide pairs of perfection at the bottom of many displays - but oh, ho, ho! I am on to them......
But alas, still no dolce vitas......and then, there in the distance, I spotted a grayish toe peeking out from under a pair of jeans hanging....I rushed over in delight, pulled back the jeans and found these adorable flats. I turned them over in delight. Yup, size 7. No brand name, but when the salesperson brings me the match, this one has a style name printed on it called "Jackie."
Fate? I'd say so.
On sale for $29.99. Boo-ya. I guess I'll have to wait on the boots.....but they were 4-inch heels anyway....



Anonymous lindsay said...

OMG... those are the HOTTEST... made even hotter by those skinny jeans. I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your feet are sexy

12:49 PM  

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