Sunday, January 21, 2007

And this to BOOT!

So, both B & S were wearing incredible boots when I visited them in Boston. In fact, they had an incredible range of boots - all low heeled but some with buckles, some without, some black, some golden, etc. etc.....I was hooked. And actually, I began to look around B-town, and pretty much everyone was wearing boots - mostly with their straight jeans tucked in, although one day B wore a dress and woolly tights and it looked fab! Anyway, it got me thinking....why is it that in Atlanta everyone wears skinny jeans tucked in their high heeled boots? I do not suscribe to thir theory of thought. Not a fan of stuffing myself in and then parading around. I just cannot pull it off. But I found this pair of boots by Loeffler Randall on ShopBop and I just fell in love. The perfect heel, the perfect colors (black above, tan to the right), the perfect boots to tuck tight but not succulent jeans into. Thanks B & S!!!



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