Friday, January 19, 2007

Mint Julep Recap

Hello! I am just back in from my fabulous visit to Boston. And not that I doubted it for even a millisecond, but boy is Mint Julep just incredible! Brooke and Steph (the owners) have really created a warm wonderful environment and its clear that Bostonians simply cannot get enough! B & S were just such wonderful hostesses, and guys, I learned SO much. I have come back with renewed strength and excitement about Jac.! I am fully ready to take Atlanta by storm. If you are in Boston, you MUST stop by their stores - one in Harvard Square, the other, the original, in Brookline. Both are fabulous, each has a very different feel. Of course I just went nuts over everything and had to come back with a little piece of Mint Julep. So I picked out this little number by Zoom. This picture doesn't do it justice. Basically it's a strapless silk dress with a stretchy belt that meets in the center with two elephants. The top has ruching. It's pretty much amazing, but then, everything in their store is - including of course, them.
Make sure to go if ever in the area, or if you just want an excuse to get to Boston. It's definitely worth the trip and I'll be back very soon! Thanks guys!!!



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