Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Inspiration For The Home

True Confession: Lately, I have been a furniture fiend.
As some of you may already know, we are getting to ready to move into our first house. Of course we are needing to find a few new pieces of furniture so I have been a bit nutso on the computer looking through countless websites and catalogs for the perfect piece. In my search I have not only found some wonderful new stores, but also some incredible inspiration. Like the picture above from Nest Magazine, arranged by Rebecca Purcell. How much fun would it be to crawl up the spiral staircase every night to fall into your little treehouse-like bed. So majestic!How about this bedroom found in Marie Claire Maison? I have been paying special attention to headboards and beds....I love that this bed is propped up against a bookcase, and even more so, how it's not just used as a bookcase but also has nooks filled with the big "Rs." I just love that. Love the initial thing....gonna have to look into that....also, I really dig the gray palette with hints of bright color.So, still on bedroom kick, I found this image in Better Homes & Gardens. Of course I heart the super cool dresser at the foot of the bed with the huge plant on top. But I also thought the three planks of wood that were fitted together to create a sort of headboard-wall....Very cool. And, how much do you dig the chandelier hung in the corner hung like a street light??? Dang!This is an image of Todd Oldham's living room.....Thought this was just different and possibly a good idea - check out the TV on the middle shelf on the left. Maybe a little busy, don't know if I could do it, but definitely very interesting.Again, found in Marie Claire Maison....I am really into the signs/lettering/chalk board thing. In fact, we have a gi-normous chalkboard in our new kitchen and I really, really dig it. I am not so sure about this all-white kitchen but it certainly makes the other colors pop and that's super. Cheers to anyone who can keep it clean and white all the time!



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Dear Jac., hope you are loving your new home. If your house is still a work in progress (and whose isn't?) and you are looking for a website with amazing designer bedding, I found this one while searching for something different for myself: They have so many Italian designers in one place! Plus, I called the store to check it out and a real person answered, and they were really helpful. I was blown away. I ordered a couple of samples through their Touch and Feel offer so I don't have to worry that the colors won't match - I have ordered over the net before and been disappointed. Anyway, just wanted to put in a plug for a company that really delivers.

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