Monday, February 05, 2007

Just a Few More Household Items....

Sorry y'all. I have become obsessed! Even after a weekend of furniture shopping - mostly unsuccessful, although we may have found an antique buffet from Italy 1930 - I am still combing the web!
Here are my newest picks, wants and desires:Fully obsessed with these floor cushions from West Elm. They are just so Jonathan simply delish! Plus, it's always good to have some floor cushions around in case you have an impromtu party.....Oh my, I must get my hands on this rug by FLOR. It's just so bright and cheery and offbeat. I think it may be the perfect solution for our dining room which I had wanted to cover in wallpaper....but instead I may just throw this under the table....I also think I may have found a great vanity. I really think it's necessary to have lots of drawers because I hate having all my make-up on display - and the other vanities I had posted earlier about lacked drawers...This one is from the Bombay Company.Lastly, I am slightly in awe of these curtains by West Elm. Window treatments have always confused me....I just never seem to really love them...But these are just airy and neutral enough to not weigh down a room, and have these fabulous shells lining them...You can see it more in detail below.



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