Monday, February 05, 2007


We've covered a lot of "nesting" items and inspiring "nests" these last few posts. Now let's turn to another nest-like tangent....Birds. You know how I feel about them....Well, this posting is dedicated to all things bird - inspired by a set of dishes that I fell in L-O-V-E with this weekend at a store in Decatur. I want this set for dairy. Can't you just picture it with some buttered biscuits and and scrambeled eggs??? I am just SO obsessed. And they come with these cream and sugar holders......Can it get ANY cuter? I highly doubt it.....You can also mix up the setting with these bird and nest plates. OYE, I am in heaven. Find them here at Heliotrope Home.

Well, from here I just went on a rampage - tearing through all the birdy things I had in my blog folder. I came across this luvvy....These dozen egg vases by Signals are just too much. Can you imagine the possibilities? You can do candy, you can use them for office supply holders (paper clips, stamps, etc.), or can use them as purely decorative. The fun just never ends....

Now for the bedroom - I have had my eye on these Victorian birdcage sheets for a while...You can find them at Delias. Super cute, no? And the comforter is so fun!

Delias must be on a bird kick, because they also are sporting this birdcage tank which I think is cute, but I hate the background peachy color. Bad decision on their part.

This tank actually reminds me of a comforter I once posted from Urban Outfitters. I guess it went over well because now they are selling the same print as a curtain....Hmmmm....Very similar in fact...



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