Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new arrivals ...

They are out of this world in cuteness! Two amazing new hoodies from Mini Shatsu have landed in the store. Both with the missions to make your little ones... well... stars!

Oodles of detail, from aliens and spaceships to headphones and turntables...

Visit us at:
Jac. Online Store
100% Cotton and Tagless
Available in Sizes: 24M and 2T-3T

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


So, (R-KI-TEKT) has made another
landing at Jac!!!

And this time with something new on the crown.
First up is Aoki, a headband with a bow inspired
by a Japanese fold technique used in origami.

Next are the softies.
Ribbon based headbands topped
with Japanese/Square knots and triple tiered bows
make for some pretty lovely headgear!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just in!

LOADS of new baby/toddler things just arrived! Beautiful clothing from Tea Collection (above and below)

Fun accessories by Dwell like burpies and bibs (below), stroller blankets, wash mits and more!
All to be online shortly!! Check back or come on in....


Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh Dear....

Oh I am just bursting with excitment!!!!
Dear Creatures (the line that decks out Miss Zooey Deschanel)
has landed in the shoppe!!!)
Lets all give a big WHOOOOOPWHOOOOP!!
and I love them ALL!

If Twiggy were 20 today she would do:

A khaki and black number featuring piping at the waist, pockets for the hands-free frolicking
and the pressed bow at the collar for the perfect dash of
The Nine To Five dress-----avec opaque black tights...swooning

or maybe the Ponderosa Dress
the khaki bodice with the black skirt base makes for a swingin good time
but it was the three buttons and cuffed sleeves that won me.

and yes the cute factor of the dress will force to stand
just like this chickadee here...
mini dresses just bring it out of a girl.

Stop on by for more from Dear Creatures

More of Our Friends & Neighbors.....

Oh, dear Friends,
We just found out that it's Cacao's 1 year anniversary party tonight!
If you were lucky enough to know about their opening party last year, then you would have had the extreme pleasure of sampling all of their delicious handmade chocolates filled with all sorts of goodness....and you would have sampled (several) of their house special decadent Chocolate Expresso Martinis.
Friends, are you hearing me??? Tonight is set to be another divine night of consumption.
My advice, GO!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have an obsession. This is a confession...

Today, as I walked into the store, this is what I saw... I couldn't believe my eyes!

Need I say more? Ok, if I must... the mix of retro style, bows, buttons and a dash of feminine flare is so exciting to me. I melted. I melted until there was nothing left of me!

Have you all seen the most recent commercial for cotton? You know the one. We blogged about it way back here? Well, all I have to say is Zooey Dechanel supports it all... the material, the colors, and the coolest label out there called Dear Creatures.

I think Jaci has out done herself yet again. Her taste is extraterrestrial...

Happy Friday!

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We LOVE that all these new businesses are opening right in our hood!

This is a big shout-out to newbie Savi Urban Market - right down on Elizabeth Street. We are just on the edge of our seat to get over there and sample the local produce, breads, meats and cheeses!

Right across the street from SUM, we are super amped about Raw - a new organic spray tan salon. WHAT??? Organic spray tan? Sign us up!

Also set to open any day now, Pure Taqueria - and believe me, our mouths are already watering!!

Come down to Inman Park to visit us all!!!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One... Two...Three Sprouts!

Just in... our latest and greatest of baby goodies includes 3 Sprouts Organic hippos, chickens, elephants, and whales! I know, unbelievable, but not to worry... they are all in rare forms of hooded towels, storage bins, and place mats.

For more about the company, visit www.3sprouts.com
To shop, visit us at www.dearjac.com

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Shae, she's not just another sweater

Sunday morning, at 5:30 am, I stuck my nose outside and definatly felt it! There's a cool breeze coming our way. Yep yep, early in the morning, before the sun, it's a chilly place out there. Yeah, tees are all good and well... but, like me, what if you've started wondering what you'll be wearing come winter?

Like most, we spend a lot of time comfy seeking... even if some of us try not to admit it. So, big pants, long skirts, cotton sweatshirts, even the very body-con dresses are unbelievably comfortable. Fitting your body well without constraining it. It's a hard task!

My little friends from Shae, speak for themselves. They are soft, fitted, studded, and have wings...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Lady in Red

Thanks to Eskell, we ladies have another reason to
request a mid week date night.
Red dresses have never really been on my list of
"Things to Spend My Last Dime On",

but this particular one is a pretty pretty I must say.
Not much of that cleavage-y VaVaVoom-ness most
red dresses seem to possess,
but simply lovely.
With rarely given attention to the shoulder seams, these
vintage inspired
designers added a few
milky white rhinestones for the perfect amount of effort.

Stop on by to see more from this great duo!!

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