Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This will be my last posting for 2006, so of course I want to leave you all with lovely thoughts. And I will, but let's start off with five delicious looking products to lust over and that will ensure you all a great new year:

1. Buddha makes me oh so happy. Bring these book ends by WDH (Well Dressed Home) into your home. Totally essential for any bookcase. Especially mine!

2. Check out these yummy pewter fruits. A-DOR-A-Ble. From Pier One. Would look so great on my black living room table....propped up by some large coffee table books.

3. From Two Trees at good ol' Etsy, I found this sweet dandelion pillow. I love its motinational quote, "Anything is Possible." What a great message to start off with in 2007!

4. At Modern Seed I found this car blanket. I LOVE it. And it just so happens that it would look SO great on top of our white and black duvet cover.

5. And now, to lead me into my conclusion for the last posting of 2006, this pillow, also from Modern Seed - The LOVE pillow - I think must find its way onto every couch this new year - or at the very least, into every home and heart. G-d bless everyone, and here's to a happy, healthy new year!
See you on the flipside!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just wanted to throw out a collection of lovely things that I have collected in my "To Blog" folder....Hope you all enjoy!

After yesterday's post, which I truly loved, I came across this image from O Magazine. Of course I love the sheets, but I am also a huge fan of not only the wonderful brown velvet headboard, but especially the light afixed to the wall above. I just love the way it hangs right over the bed. What a nice change from a side table lamp.

Lovely bird platter by Ayumi Horie. She also has a wonderful set of calendar mugs which I love and a whole host of other handmade designs.

Fabulous dark green patent leather slippers by Free People. I am fully obsessed. They would look so wonderful with jeans!!

I just love this top because it look so designer-esque yet it comes from Urban Outfitters! The rouching at the bottom gives it that extra unique touch.

How about this coat by Nicholas K.? It looks so gorgeous on this model. I lovethe collar, love the belt, love the buttons, and I even love the the way it's cut out in the front, I just wonder if it would look that great with my thighs exposed?

Anyway, moving on....there are these fabulous boots by Jeffrey Campbell. I know, I know. I already purchased black suede boots from Target. But I love the buckles! So cool! I found this pair at LF.

I love the detail on this dress by Julie Haus. It can be found at Shopbop. It's slightly babydoll but in a flattering way - love the fabrics (swiss dot and striped) as well as the big button.
I am so into buttons. I am actually considering sewing some on a pair of Charlotte Ronson slippers that are now missing their bows. Stay tuned for that craft report update......Till then....Happy Shopping!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Flipping around the other day - I don't even know where - I came across this image of Chloe Sevigny's home in the east village and I was totally inspired! I love love love the wallpaper of course, the wooden floor, the bycicle - really the whole look. And because I am really in no place to redecorate our current home, I figured I would just "shop" online and vicariously feel as though I am decorating....

Let's start with these delicious sheets from CB2, Crate and Barrel's online younger, cheaper sister. They are always a good standby to check out. I love love love the pattern and colors.

I guess these sheets instigated a ferocious search of others - and I have found these gorgeous orange-Indian print sheets from Anthropologie. Every time I see them in their catalog I get giddy. Is that okay?

Now I may not have mentioned this before,
but we have a fabulous four-poster canopy bed which literally is an island to itself and is completely a haven. Though we have no hanging fabric from the top (I feel somehow it will get very dusty and gross?) I am strongly considering this bed tent from Urban Outfitters. It sort of meshes well with our whole Morroccan black and white themed bedroom. Very chic.

Anyway, moving away from the bedroom and towards the living room....well, I have always admired this fabulous Jonathan Adler couch. Unfortunately for me however, it has always been from afar. Still love it though. If I can keep my bedroom Morroccan chic, I want to have my living room Palm Beach glamour circa 1950....That would work, right?

In keeping with this glamour theme - I am loving this side table from Anthropologie. I guess one would simply use it as a display case? Possibly even a bar? A work desk perhaps keeping it clean and white on the inside? Oh, but I love the shinyness and color so. What a winner.

And to complete the look, how about this wonderful wallpaper from Walnut Wallpaper aptly named Fishnet Licorice. Oh yes, this works!

Now for the sitting room in our landing upstairs, I see a more playful approach. Blues and greens
maybe. We can start with this pillow from West Elm and work around it.

I would definitely include this giraffe lamp from Jonathan Adler - which I have eyed for many a month.

And from there, I think I would purchase a daybed and cover it in these playful birdcage sheets from Urban
Outfitters. Another set I have spyed for awhile.

Well, I think that will have to do it for now. I pretty much could go on all day. Anyone looking for a decorator? I work for cheap!
I hope to do a second home redecorating post at some point where I cover the kitchen and stick around!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fashion HodgePodge

So I have been trying to somehow tie all of the following together. But - I can't. I'm sorry guys. But that doesn't take away the fact that they are great items. So I may be a little all over the show, but please bear with me. I have been surfing the net to bring you the best!

Okay, so first off we have this adorable shirt from Marc Jacobs. I am such a sucker for hearts and I just love the sleaves. I don't know how I feel about the off-the-shoulder look but I would definitely be willing to try it.

Next we have an adorable little number that is vintage. Sorry guys. But I just wanted to share it with you. I just love the Mexican flair and the blousy-but-tight look - that's such a refreshing change from the redundant tunic. Plus, embroidery rocks.
Next I would like to bring your attention to this fabulous dress by Phillip Lim. It may look like a house dress in this picture (sorry I couldn't download the image from the site - but it's linked) but it really is adorable. In fact, I love his whole line. The dress actually has these adorable ruffles on the sleeves - and there's even pockets! This image really doesn't do it justice.

Well, it's late all so I need to catch some zzzzs. I did have a few non-wardrobe items but I will hold them for another posting. This girl needs some rest! XO


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter Wonders
Do you have a bowl of change right next to your front door? We do. And I hate it. Then I was thumbing through Domino Magazine and saw this fabulous piggy bank! It can actually take a handful of change at a time so you don't have to stand there feeding it. What a cutie! He would look much better than our yuckie open bucket of change. Find it here.

So this got me thinking. Maybe there are other great looking piggies out there....
Which brings me to this polka-dot guy on the left. Found at the one and only Urban.
Love him! But he's a slow feeder and the other one just seems more practical.

Anyway, in my quest for the perfect bank,
I came across some other goodies.
How much do you love this set by Kate Spade?
So adorable! I can see it stacked perfectly in an apple green open hutch.

Also found in my search, these Sigerson Morrison flats. How could I resist?

I also came away a fan of this fabulous sweater blanket. It would look so great at the foot of our bed because our duvet is white with black piping and we have black and white pillows. These colors would really pop and I just love that there are buttons included from the sweaters! Found where else but Anthropologie of course.

And lastly, I noticed that this bag I have been crushing on at Cole Haan is on sale for
$339.95, down from 5-something! It's gorgeous but I have to say that this picture really doesn't do it justice.

Anyway, L came up from Florida to pay us a visit this weekend and we had so much fun window shopping and doing a litte inside shopping as well. We did especially well in the vintage section. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me. Sorry y'all.

This week is a busy one but I hope to post at least twice more by the weekend. So please check back. Till next time, happy shopping!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Riedel me this, Riedel me that!
I say Rie-don't! At the E household we have a problem with retaining wine glasses. We happened to receive double the amount of wine glasses we requested on our registry - in both white and red wine. And it turns out we hate them. Don't get me wrong, they are well crafted glasses that do the wine justice, it's just that we just can't seem to keep them in one piece! I'd say we lose about one a week! That's partly due of course to the fact that we use them several times a week (we are winos!) so maybe that's actually a good percentage?

Needless to say, we have decided to possibly rid ourselves
of the lovely Riedel in favor of some more funky sturdy table wine glasses. Probably stemless. I have been eyeing these two sets at Anthropologie and think it could be fun to mix a bunch of them up on a table.

Even these plain stemless glasses from Crate & Barrel look like a good option. I also really dig these insulated glasses from Bodum, which are probably better for coffee but I have enough mugs!
And how
about these crackled tumblers from Pier One? They could look interesting with a dark red in them - maybe a Rioja?

And lastly, from the ever wonderful Moma Store, (as in the Museum of Modern Art), these patterned glasses could definitely be fun. I am a fan.

Speaking of glasses, today I discovered the perfect container to serve baileys in at our holiday party - or perhaps peppermint schnapps, or even just cocoa - the chocolate cups from Plum Party are fabulous!

That's all for tonight folks....coming up: a fashion section. Stay tuned!

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