Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Inspiration For The Home

True Confession: Lately, I have been a furniture fiend.
As some of you may already know, we are getting to ready to move into our first house. Of course we are needing to find a few new pieces of furniture so I have been a bit nutso on the computer looking through countless websites and catalogs for the perfect piece. In my search I have not only found some wonderful new stores, but also some incredible inspiration. Like the picture above from Nest Magazine, arranged by Rebecca Purcell. How much fun would it be to crawl up the spiral staircase every night to fall into your little treehouse-like bed. So majestic!How about this bedroom found in Marie Claire Maison? I have been paying special attention to headboards and beds....I love that this bed is propped up against a bookcase, and even more so, how it's not just used as a bookcase but also has nooks filled with the big "Rs." I just love that. Love the initial thing....gonna have to look into that....also, I really dig the gray palette with hints of bright color.So, still on bedroom kick, I found this image in Better Homes & Gardens. Of course I heart the super cool dresser at the foot of the bed with the huge plant on top. But I also thought the three planks of wood that were fitted together to create a sort of headboard-wall....Very cool. And, how much do you dig the chandelier hung in the corner hung like a street light??? Dang!This is an image of Todd Oldham's living room.....Thought this was just different and possibly a good idea - check out the TV on the middle shelf on the left. Maybe a little busy, don't know if I could do it, but definitely very interesting.Again, found in Marie Claire Maison....I am really into the signs/lettering/chalk board thing. In fact, we have a gi-normous chalkboard in our new kitchen and I really, really dig it. I am not so sure about this all-white kitchen but it certainly makes the other colors pop and that's super. Cheers to anyone who can keep it clean and white all the time!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top Notch

So, you are seeing all these lovely Spring things out in stores. And you want to succumb to the cute bright colors and purchase something but its 11 degrees outside. What to do? Quite a connundrum!
Here are a few I am contemplating, that I think with a little effort, can be worked into my now layered look.....
Like this jean top by TopShop. It could be a winner here folks. I think it would look very smart with a waffle shirt under.I hear you, you want something dressier. Okay, how about this Lacey Parker number at Intermix? This will definitely take you from day to night. Just pair it with a pair of tweedy black pants and you got yourself an outfit.Okay, I get it. You can't live without the delicious sorbet colored item calling to you in the store. Please at least pick something you'll still love when it comes time to wear it in three months. You can't go wrong with a sunny top like this one by Lauren Moffatt. And please, resist the urge to wear it out within a week of purchase or you'll look like all the rest of the girls wearing their new spring tops under their puffy coats!


Monday, January 29, 2007

Shoe Mania

Well, it's a little early for Spring cleaning but I had to empty some images out of my Blog Folder. So today, it's just going to be a quick look at all the shoes I have been mentally (and digitally) hoarding. Enjoy!From Anthropologie
From Intermix, by Loeffler Randall (on sale!)
Again, from AnthropologieFrom Delman
From Urban OutfittersFrom Shop Intuition, By Dolce Vita


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Love is (almost) in the Air!

Well, it's almost February folks - I know it's hard to believe! But if you are anything like me, you've already got your reservations down for the 14th....Now it's time to think outfits....Here are a few picks and pans to help in your decision making:For a pretty little number: this dress by Karanina found on LeTrainbleu

If you think you may elope: this dress by Betsey Johnson

For those leaving right from work: this dress by Spring & Clifton (one of my faves!) found on LeTrainbleu If dresses ain't your thing: this jacket by Kristinit found on LeTrainbleu

If you are still in the "tunic only" phase: this romantic eyelet number by Anna Sui found at Satine Boutique
For those who just care about what's under their clothes: this cami & panties set by Belabumbum found at GirlshopIf you reject all Valentine's celebratory outfits: this snugly sweater by Nicholas K. found at LeTrainbleuIf you have the whole outfit and just need the bag: this clutch by Twilight by Lula found at Active Endeavors

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Into The Trenches....

You heard it here first folks, trenches are going to be huge this spring. Everyone's doing it....Here's a Spring preview round-up: Above, Topshop. Below, Marc Jacobs on Net-A-Porter.Below, J.Crew:Below, Club Monaco:
Below, Tory Burch on Net-A-Porter:Below, Searle:Below, Burberry:Below, Milly on Net-A-Porter:Below, Voom on Shop Intuition (can be worn as coat or dress!):


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

House & Home

Inspired by this image from Domino Magazine of Alberto Pinto, Mosaic House, I decided to put together a one-room house with some things I have been holding onto, as well as some new discoveries! Starting with this bed from Z Gallerie:
It just looks so divine! I bet I would fall asleep in a heartbeat in that....To go at the front of the bed I would have to have this rug by Bev Hisey:
I totally dig the Moroccan vibe. Now for the dressing/bath area, I would go with this mirrored chest of drawers and sink, also from Z Gallerie:Then I would definitely have this stool nearby in the bathroom as well. It's bone-inlay by Graham & Green.

Now we are up to the living area I suppose. I would mix this couch by Brocade Home: With this chair and ottoman by Graham & Green as well:
Then for a splash of color, I would add this little stool/occasional table by Pier One:
Now the kitchen would be a toughie. I think I would definitely include these plates by Mothology to tie in with the stool's color:Then to sort of play off this country vibe, I think would add Mothology's glass drying rack in there as well:And for that last punch of color, I would go with these orange ghost chairs again by Graham & Green, to go around a white dinette table....Okay, I am hooked. Yes please!

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

And this to BOOT!

So, both B & S were wearing incredible boots when I visited them in Boston. In fact, they had an incredible range of boots - all low heeled but some with buckles, some without, some black, some golden, etc. etc.....I was hooked. And actually, I began to look around B-town, and pretty much everyone was wearing boots - mostly with their straight jeans tucked in, although one day B wore a dress and woolly tights and it looked fab! Anyway, it got me thinking....why is it that in Atlanta everyone wears skinny jeans tucked in their high heeled boots? I do not suscribe to thir theory of thought. Not a fan of stuffing myself in and then parading around. I just cannot pull it off. But I found this pair of boots by Loeffler Randall on ShopBop and I just fell in love. The perfect heel, the perfect colors (black above, tan to the right), the perfect boots to tuck tight but not succulent jeans into. Thanks B & S!!!


Friday, January 19, 2007

Mint Julep Recap

Hello! I am just back in from my fabulous visit to Boston. And not that I doubted it for even a millisecond, but boy is Mint Julep just incredible! Brooke and Steph (the owners) have really created a warm wonderful environment and its clear that Bostonians simply cannot get enough! B & S were just such wonderful hostesses, and guys, I learned SO much. I have come back with renewed strength and excitement about Jac.! I am fully ready to take Atlanta by storm. If you are in Boston, you MUST stop by their stores - one in Harvard Square, the other, the original, in Brookline. Both are fabulous, each has a very different feel. Of course I just went nuts over everything and had to come back with a little piece of Mint Julep. So I picked out this little number by Zoom. This picture doesn't do it justice. Basically it's a strapless silk dress with a stretchy belt that meets in the center with two elephants. The top has ruching. It's pretty much amazing, but then, everything in their store is - including of course, them.
Make sure to go if ever in the area, or if you just want an excuse to get to Boston. It's definitely worth the trip and I'll be back very soon! Thanks guys!!!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Just a quick note! Tomorrow I am off to Boston to visit my friend Brookie's fabulous store Mint Julep. Can't wait to share when I get back!
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