Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hello Everyone!!! My name is Kelly C. and I am so ridiculously amped to be one of the newest members of the Jac. team. I have only been working for 2 days and have fallen in love already. From the exposed air conditioning unit over head to the heaven scented soaps, candles and lotions. Having taken a few laps around the store I found a handful of favorite items. One being the pure soy Vintage Teacup Candles by: Something Beautiful. They include scents such as Grandma Toddy that mimics the aura of fresh baked sugar cookies and warm caramel.

Since I'm a mother of a very active 6 month old my life tends to be hanging on by a fine thread. I then spotted a large metallic clutch by: Give, made of a butter-like leather. ( It has a pocket, slot and loop for everything you need when you're on the go.

And finally for the fragrance. Close your eyes and imagine a breeze with the hint of wild geranium, sandlewood, grapefruit, mandarin and exhale and fall in love with Narcissus by: Mor ( Encased in an onyx colored bulb-pressed bottle, it's the perfect fragrance for a night out!

Can't wait to discover more fabulous items and I hope to see you soon. Tchao, kel c.


We're Back!

Yes, we have been so delinquint with writing to you all! So Sorry!!
Busy with a warehouse sale and now back in the store - all spring/summer merchandise will be on sale through August 10th.
So get ready for Fall folks, it's a-comin!
Men's will be up and raring to go after the 10th so tell all your male pals, relatives and neighbors! But more on that next week!
Stay Jac.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Have you seen what's hanging in our window????

Backpacks by Dante Beatrix. Buy one for you or your little one!
More cuties hanging at the store...

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good News

We are taking part in our first ever warehouse sale!!
It's Boutique Bargains, and we'll be joining the likes of Kelly's Closet, Lisa Brown, Addiction and more!
Friday and Saturday 10 to 6 at Atlantic Station for some REAL DEALS & STEALS!!!
For directions go here. It's CASH AND CHECK ONLY.
Can't wait to see you all there!!! xoxo Jac.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Who likes GOAT MILK?

We do! It's rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals --- and we just received a shipment from Jenness Farms which makes the most deliciously moisterizing goat milk products! Not to mention their ADORABLE packaging! Who wouldn't want to take home one of the little men above full of yummy soap???? We've got solid perfumes, hand lotions, baby powder and more....come check it all out!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Few Words to the WISE!

Hello everyone!
Just want to let you know about a couple of things:

1 - our fabulous BIGGER than BIG SALE is still running through next Thursday so make sure to come by and partake in the fabulous savings up to 90% off!!!

2 - we just posted a few of our Fall/Winter designers on the right hand column so please take a moment to check them out and get excited!!! Our Fall items begin rolling in THIS MONTH!


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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy July 4th!

In honor of the holiday we will be closed on July 4th.
Have a happy and safe weekend!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's official. I have hit my thirties, and that means a new decade has arrived. I am no longer calling my girlfriends saying, "what's the plan for tonight" as often as I used to. I am no longer watching the sun come up after a long night out either! Which I'm actually glad most of those days are behind me, and finally I have entered into the new era of settling down, growing up, and the nights out consist of dinner parties versus keggers. I started noticing the changes very slowly over the last few years. Jobs turned into careers, social activities started ending sooner in the night, friends were getting married, but what brought this new decade to light was when I attended my first baby shower this year.

Yes, it's official. I'm in my 30's. I'm not as skinny as I was a decade ago; I've noticed a few wrinkles that weren't there yesterday, and I get tired by midnight. But I refuse to let my friends or myself go into motherhood without a stylish baby. And at Jac, that` last part's easy. Here is some hip and affordable baby gear good for baby shower gifts, or something fun and hip for your own little special person in your life.
- Candice

Here is a set of 3 swaddling blankets by Luna Lullaby that comes with a "how to swaddle" dvd which is great for a new parent

Wry Baby has the cutest hippest onsies and t-shirts for new borns up to 6 months old.

Shinzi Katoh makes baby messes not look so bad.

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