Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Suiting up for Summer

It's almost summer lovin' y'all. Enough with those Lean Cuisines, Diet Cokes, and Snackwells. Summer's around the corner folks. Calling Jenny won't help you now!!

Tomorrow is May 1st and technically in Atlanta, that's pretty much the start of summer. It's time for mojitos at Parish, ice cream at Jakes, and yes, dare I say it, lounging at your neighborhood pool. Well, we can definitely help you out on that last one as our crazy cute bikinis by Jocomomola just rolled in all the way from Spain.
Ladies, they fit well, they look good, they feel great. Come in and find the one that's right for you.


Sunday, April 27, 2008


Salvation has arrived.

Down in Inman Park we have a serious collection of restaurants to dine at:
Shauns, the Rathbun empire, Fritti, Sotto Sotto, Wisteria, Il Localino, The Albert, Zaya, Highland Bakery, Pacific Kitchen, Zuma, Inman Perk, P'cheen; the list goes on and on. All of them are lovely and you should definitely come down and partake in them.
But what we have had a lack of, or rather a full-on absence of really, is a wonderfully, fabulous market. A'la Star Provisions on the west side.

And now, lo and behold, Parish has arrived.
Part gorgeous New Orleans-inspired restaurant (upstairs) and part gourmet food mart (below), we now have house-made salami at our doorstep, muffuletta sandwiches on a whim and a cheesemonger's dream spread directly across the street. Yep, you can envy us.

Parish opens to the public this Wednesday the 30th. Expect live jazz brunches, dishes under $20, homeade ice cream and a dog friendly patio with wifi. My attempt to bring you a look from the patio area is below. I took it on the sly with my phone so don't give me any lip!

Come visit us soon and then stop by one of the fab restaurants down here for some good eats! xxxJac.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jac's first Sidewalk Sale!!!

Heading to the Inman Park Festival this weekend??? Well, definitely stop by Jac for our incredible sidewalk sale anytime Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Up to 90% off on your favorite designers including Saint Grace, Trovata, James Jeans, Kasil, Corey Lynn Calter and more! You definitely won't want to miss this - some of these items will be a one-time sale.....See you all soon! xxxjac


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EarthDay at Jac.

Hi there.
So, I feel terribly guilty that I didn't even know it was Earth Day until I walked into work today. In hopes to restore my green reputation, I've decided to blog about BAGGU Bags today.

In case you don't know already, BAGGU Bags are amazing re-usable grocery bags. Not only are they good for the environment, but they are super CUTE and super STURDY. They hold the equivalent of 2-3 regular plastic bags. Also, they fold down into a sweet little 5 x 5 inch pouch that can easily fit into any sized purse.

We just got some new versions in for Spring. They come in various blues and stripes. There is honestly NO EXCUSE not to use them. They are so good looking that I am tempted to use them as my regular bag!!!!
(Also, because EVERYDAY is a mini EARTH DAY at Jac., I should remind you that we carry several 100% organic lines, including Loomstate and Stewart & Brown (which we should be getting more of in just a few weeks). You all know the drill....time to make Greener choices and when it also means wearing cute clothes, you really can't help it.
Happy Earth Day!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

BBQ Fashion Show

The annual BBQ Season bellwethers are here: endless Food Network BBQ specials starring Al Roker and Bobby Flay, the first round of BBQ Evites, and of course, the unmistakable Green Egg/Weber smoke plumes billowing throughout our favorite neighborhoods (for the record, here and here). While I'll leave it to others to debate what real 'cue consists of, I'll do my best to pair outfits with bbqs. Full disclosure: as the Resident Male, my picks may not be perfect- you may just have to come down to Jac. to make selections of your own...

The Backyard BBQ
You've got your favorite folks and your favorite smoked chicken. The greatest ode to Summertime is playing in the background (thank you DJ Jazzy Jeff) What're you going to wear?
Methinks it's time for you to check out this killer combo- the blue dress is by Eurythmic ($128), the vest by James Jeans ($148).

The Fancy Corks 'n Cue
Fancy BBQ and champagne seems to be making its mark these days. Everybody's dressing their pork loin in juniper berry, their skirt steak in some sort of hoisin-mirin-shiso-chili glaze. The next time your favorite gourmand is poppin' some cris and heating up the Weber, you need to throw on your finest white flip flops and dress things up in this fabulous frock by Sarah Luna ($344). This dress is practically demanding that you at least come try her on.

The Neighborhood Grill-off
Hansel and Derrick had their walk-off, but even that wasn't as competitive as some of the grillers I know. I mean, nothing wrong with having pride in what you grill, but do you ever get the feeling that hard core grillers are a little, I don't know, intense? Throw another shrimp on their barbie with this red, hot and cooooool Deborah Sweeney dress ($150). It'll turn heads and hopefully rescue the conversation from the gas/charcoal debate that no one else is really interested in.

So there you have it, a guy giving gals advice on what to wear to a bbq. Bet that's a first. Let me know what you think- and what other random women's fashion topics you'd like to hear a dude ramble on about. Email us or leave some feedback in our comments section.

Still not sure what to do? Keep the grill covered, come get the pink Sarah Luna dress, and head over to Fox Bros. on Dekalb Avenue.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Awesome Accessories!!!!!

Probably some of the cutest accessories of the year have just arrived here at Jac. Clutches, wallets, card cases and files by Abas that are to die for! They fit in perfectly with my summer goal of color, and I am seriously having a hard time of deciding which is my favorite. But one thing is for sure.. my old, ratty, black (of course) wallet looks absolutely boring in comparison!

A couple classy clutches that could complete that dressy look I was talking about last time..

Wallets that would definitely make your money proud!

And these credit card cases and files are so adorable they make me wanna get a couple more credit cards..what could it hurt?

Well I'm completely obsessed. Hope everyone loves! xoxo, Shelly


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Summer shorts are here at Jac!

I am going to the beach in July and I'm soooo excited to get out of town and head to the panhandle. If you are anything like me, I plan every detail before going away. My planning always includes aspects like: where to eat lunches, dinners, where to get my morning coffee, where am I going to rent the wave-runner from, what day to go parasailing on, and down to what I'm going to wear. I know I know, I'm a bit overly involved in preplanning but I can't help it.

So, I have to tell you what's new here at Jac. and how they going with me on my summer beach vaykay to the beach- Raven Tailored shorts. I am loving these new shorts we just got in today! We have a few color and pattern options for you to choose from but the over all design is HOT!

So ladies, summer is just a few months away and that summer vacation is just around the corner. So come on in, see what's new!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Lets Get Dressy!

Since everybody's working on getting those bods back in shape for bathing suits, there's no better time to want to dress up!.. Right? Well, at least that's what I wish was the case for me.. But for all of you who have those special occasions coming up and want to look awesome, we've got you covered.
Starting with Samantha Pleet's sexy strapless creation!

And here are a couple beauties by Deborah Sweeney that are sure to impress Or if you are thinking something more colorful, this Sarah Luna dress is so fun and will make sure you stand out and look amazing!

And there's plenty more where that came from so come play dress up!
xoxo, Shelly

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Domo Arigato, Mr. Shinzi Katoh. Domo!

If I'd realized that blogging meant that I could title a post playing off of a classic Styx song, I would've started blogging long ago. By now, I would be on to posts with titles referencing REO Speedwagon ("I Can't Fight This Feeling For Skinny Jeans Anymore"), or maybe even Loverboy ("Everybody's Working For The Weekender Bags"). But alas, I didn't realize that the medium offered such flexibility, so here I am marrying Styx's best known work with the incomprable Shinzi Katoh.
Shinzi Katoh is the world's preeminent Zakka designer. Translated from Japanese, Zakka means "the things that make people happy and exist like a comfortable air". Translated from where I sit, it means "optimistic, forward thinking design that makes the world a better place." Jac.'s full of great Shinzi Katoh products- here are some of my favorites:

Start your day with this sunflower strewn Shampoo Bottle ($18.50):

Break away from the "paper or plastic" paradigm and show some style with one of Shinzi's Canvas Totes ($28):
Make your kitchen happy with this set of "Forest of Mushrooms" glass bowls ($66):

- Jac.'s Resident Male


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beach Party Contd.... case you forgot, I'm in the midst of MAJOR Spring Fever (, cocktails, dreamy boys, etc.....). Last time I blogged, I was all about SHORTS. Today, however, I have moved on to new obsessions! What better things to prep me for my beach adventures than some festive little tees from Built by Wendy.

Not only are they super fun but they are so soft and comfy. And they go PERFECTLY with the AMAZING $7 vintage Wayfarers I found thrifting on Monday!!!

Now, all I need is that dreamboat.....any suggestions??
Let me know.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mor, Mor, Mor

Yes, that's right! Mor cosmetics, based in Australia, is now the newest import at Jac. Get excited folks. For the most buttery hand and body creme around. The lightest, most delicious scented lip balm. The most tantalizing bath tea and oils. Gorgeous perfume scents and bottles (above). Yes. Here. At Jac.
Which brings me to a reminder: Mother's Day is just a few weeks away. Mor makes a great gift.
Annnnnnnd, so do Eyebobs - also just in - the most stylish magnified glasses ever. They are like candy - come in and find your flavor!
And lastly, my sincerest apologies for not blogging sooner. We have been totally inundated at Jac. New deliveries from Deborah Sweeney! Built by Wendy! Sarah Luna! Moss Mills! Rory Beca! And Samantha Pleet! Pix to come and more blogs to follow....As always, thanks for staying with us....xxxxjac


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Babes In Babeland

As the resident gentleman, I'm not always the best person at Jac. to ask about the ins and outs of each piece. Case in point: today, a shopper asked me how a top was worn, and my immediate reaction (which I thankfully kept to myself) was "You wear it over the top of your body. Like a shirt." Rachel Zoe, I am not.

What I do know something about is Jac.'s cuter-than-cute baby section. It's so cute that it'll make the baby-less yearn for babies of their own (note to our parents: don't read too much into the comment, I'm just being playful). That said, here are my top picks for that little bambino in your life:

Did you know that swaddling helps a baby sleep better, settles the nervous system and is one of my favorite words to say very, very slowly? Say it with me: Swaaaaddddliiiing. This Luna Lullaby pack comes not only with three of the softest muslin blankets you'll ever find, but also an instructional DVD.

Sam & Bellie Cloth Chalkmat ($25)

Back when I was a collegian, "chalkers" played the role of campus
Paul Revere. You could learn about everything from local drink specials to the democratic struggles of East Timor, all through chalk sidewalk scrawlings. Now, Sam & Bellie's Chalkmat is there to help you can stimulate that lil' tot in your life to chalk their way through every meal. These cloth placemats are great for encouraging kids to chalk while they eat, something I'm sure Dr. Spock would approve of.

Goody Goody Baby Slippers ($26)

I'm not even sure what to say about these baby slippers. Cute enough to melt the botox out of Jessica Lange's face. That cute! If you're looking to elicit the requesite "ohhhhh" at an upcoming baby shower, these slippers are a must.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jac’s Jewelry For Tornado Relief

Dear Friends,

Our neighbors in Cabbagetown are suffering from the tornado warpath of three weeks ago and need our help. So for the month of April we will be donating 10% of the proceeds from every jewelry item purchased at Jac. to the Cabbagetown Tornado Relief Fund.

So stop by the store to see our lovely newbies! From Verre New York's candy-colored pieces (pic above), to Moss Mills cocktail rings, to Recycled Rings knit jewelry, to Marcellina G. charm necklaces, to Beckerman's quirky necklaces, and still the fabulous Toki, Alex Monroe, Rivka Jewelry, Indulgems, Lisa Levine, Ophelia, Glint and more!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools is no joke at Jac!

Because we are SERIOUSLY in love with our new spring shoes!
Above, new wedges in by Lovely People - $142

Above, fab gladiators by Antik Batik - $148

Above super comfy Frye thongs - $149

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A Public Service Announcement For Your Basketball Crazed Man

Jac.’s resident male here, ready to dispense some very important advice for you to pass on to your favorite guy. You’re welcome to read this, or just cut and paste and send to your aspiring bracketologist (he’ll know what I'm talking about):

Dude, you’ve been watching college basketball almost non-stop for the last three weeks. It’s called March Madness, but March is over and you still plan on watching all next weekend. You’re driving your lady friend crazy, and it’s time to show the love. Here are my suggestions- with correlating quotes that might sound somewhat familiar:

Because you said: “Babe, it’s only once a year. It’s important to me.”

She deserves: Flowers.

Really pretty flowers. I’m not talking about a handful of carnations, either. You need to see our friends at Adaptation Floral Design and have them whip up one of their ridiculously awesome creations. There’s no better “point scorer” than a beautiful arrangement given on any day that does not coincide with a birthday/anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

Because you said: “Can’t we just watch the second half? It’s Duke, and they’re losing…”

She deserves: A Jac. Gift Certificate

Nothing says "I love you more than anything in the world" than a big 'ole Jac. Gift Certificate. You’ve tried taking the creative gift giving route in the past, and look where it got you. With the Jac. Gift Certificate, your galpal can pick whatever she wants, like the above Valhalla Bag. You’ll look smoother than Rick Pitino with a fresh coat of gel, even if your Final Four picks didn’t pan out they way you had hoped they would.
Because you said: “I watch those lousy Sex and the City reruns all the time. Why don’t you watch in the kitchen?”

She deserves: Jewelry

Toki Jewelry to be exact. These one-of-a-kind creations are beauties, and I’ve yet to meet anyone that didn’t fall in love with them at first sight. Trust me on this one fellas, I may be near the bottom in my basketball pool, but I know jewelry. Show up with a little brown Jac. bag with a pair of Toki earrings inside and it'll be like Selection Sunday all over.

So that’s it guys. Don’t be mad at me for asking your lady to forward on this little instruction manual. I know you think I’m a traitor now, but you’ll thank me when the Final Four has come and gone...

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